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60 Minute Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Session

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What People Are Saying:

My experience with Tammy as my Coach and my Reiki Session with her was beyond any other experience I have had. The Reiki created a release…. a release of pain and release of sadness but also a release of joy! Tammy was so in tune as to where I was in my life and my spiritual journey at that point beyond what I had even imagined and the Reiki taught me that! It was a key turning point and healing some old wounds and opening my heart to love again! I walked away from that experience very excited because it helped me open up in a way I had not before. It guided me to what I needed to do to heal and find joy! I am beyond thankful for the experience and excited to do it again! I think filling my soul up this way creates a path to happiness.

Donna Froneyberger

I had the honor of meeting Tammy in the fall of 2021. She emanated love, kindness, and a genuine interest in empowering me on my healing journey. Her intuitive guidance during my first Reiki treatment brought attention to areas of my life that were not working and needed healing. Her compassion and loving guidance is a constant reminder to me on my conscious path of healing as I let go of what was and step into what will be. My heart is full of gratitude for her.

Maria Klinakis

I had heard about Reiki from several people in the past. It wasn’t until I heard Tammy was offering Reiki Sessions that I finally felt comfortable enough to try it out for myself. Tammy’s safe and secure presence and her intuitive gifts allowed for me to feel safe and comfortable. She helped me to understand what it was going to be like before I did it by sending me information explaining the process. She has a very nurturing soul and guided me through the Reiki process while providing a safe space for me to feel my feelings. Even now, after the session, I still feel connected to the Reiki energy in me. It’s like little spiritual nudges/ electrical currents moving through me from time to time. The last thing I want to share is I highly recommend the E- Book she offers with the Reiki Session. I don’t know how anyone can walk away from the session without it! There is so much intuitive information from the Reiki session included in it and it has helped me process things even more after the session. It is a great resource for me to reflect back on as needed. I also love that she is still available for me to connect with when I need her as my Life Coach.

Danijela Boric

My reiki session gave me a greater sense of clarity and peace. Everyone's experience is unique but mine helped me cope with some very challenging issues. I had been in a toxic/traumatic marriage for almost 20 years. The weight of this relationship had started to manifest in my body. I was experiencing shoulder pain, insomnia, and heart issues. After my session, I felt lighter, open and my shoulder pain diminished. Tammy has a true gift for helping others, and I strongly recommend seeking her out for help in dealing with physical and emotional ailments.

Emily Kest

$125.00 USD

Upgrade your Reiki experience with your Personalized Reiki E-Booklet! 


>Explanation of what Reiki is

>What each chakra energy system represents

>Summary of Your Reiki Session Notes

>Integrative Coaching Strategies to support your healing process

>Your Booklet will be emailed to you with 48 hours of your session.