Tammy Feltner empowers hairdressers and entrepreneurs to live in alignment while creating a booming business.

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Are you looking for a deeper dive into the energetics and spiritual part of being a successful entrepreneur? I offer Human Design Coaching and Holy Fire III Reiki Sessions!


Personalized support whether you're a hairdresser, educator or individual,  Tammy specializes in creating a completely custom coaching experience to elevate your business & life as a whole! 


Reiki/Human Design

Amplify your connection to your Higher Self by diving into your unique Human Design Report or by experiencing a Reiki Energy Session. Tammy is double certified as a Master in USUI Holy Fire III Reiki & USUI Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki.


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I am excited you are here! My passion for education and being a Catalyst of Transformation is at the root in all that I do! I know without a doubt we have been brought together FOR YOU to creating a to soul-aligned career and life that you love. After 25+ years of owning a successful salon business and leading teams as a beauty industry educator, I saw multiple gaps in the beauty professionals I was working with. I could see clearly that it takes more more than "technical" skills to be successful. After all, we are multifaceted humans! It takes the mind to logically understand systems and techniques, a healthy body to perform at higher levels to create continued success, and inspiration from within to keep us moving forward with passion! That is when I was ignited to be more than a Hairstylist! ~I knew I could help elevate more beauty professionals by being a Life and Career Coach ~ Regardless if you need self-care, time management, confidence, or how to run a successful beauty business, I've got your back! I offer virtual & on-site education, self paced online classes, and Group or 1:1 Personalized Coaching.


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