For the hairdresser who has a burning desire to make real impact in their business, attract high-paying clients and level up their confidence! 



  • To set empowering business boundaries to avert burnout.
  • Transform your client's experience. 
  • Crush the clock with new time management skills & good work ethics.

I looked around my salon one day and noticed that I had  a loyal and long-lasting clientele while other hairstylists were struggling to keep clients in their chair. 

I asked myself , ”What is it that I am doing differently that keep my clients coming back to me year after year?”

I started to notice what was different!

The skills I share with you in this course is exactly what I found that made the biggest difference...

  • Excellent communication skills in consultations
  • Standards in my business 
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Great Work Ethics


I knew I had to share this with other hairstylists quickly and easily so you could get results ASAP!

 3 Skills Every Hairdresser Should Know

The ultimate 5 module course that teaches you to retain high-paying clients, create lasting impact on your client's lives, and build a business that works FOR you!



What Hairstylists are saying...

"Tammy couples practical, business building solutions with empowering ideas about personal  boundaries and honoring ourselves. Whether it's the next step forward or a leap of faith, Tammy will equip you with everything you need
to build yourself and your business, from the heart up.”

- Frankie (@tohollywood)

“Since investing myself in coaching with Tammy I have truly grown in many aspects of my life. From
leadership skills to personal development, I have made the shift to finding balance in my life and living with intention. I now manifest the things I want and full heartedly believe I can live the life I’ve always dreamed of living.”

- Tessa (@limitlesstess)

“I was in a very confusing stage right before meeting Tammy. I felt like I had all the pieces yet no way
of putting them together. That is when God sent me her! Her coaching has taken me as an individual and my career to the next level. Her guidance,
experience, and true transparency helped cultivate the way I see and think about our industry. She gave me real support that I truly needed. Her program is filled with REAL solutions. Thank you Tammy for inspiring me to meet my true potential."

- Christina (@christinasfetsioshairstyles)

You are not meant to struggle!

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  • Empowering business guidelines and policies to make your business efficient
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Once you start practicing these skills behind your chair, you will feel more confident than ever and begin to LEVEL-UP your business.


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3 Skills Every Hair Dresser Should Know



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3 Skills Mini Course Plus 1:1 Support



  • Recorded Modules for self-paced learning
  • Downable PDF’s
  • Actionable steps to integrate into your business today
  • 24/7 access to course for LIFE
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I’m Tammy and I can’t wait to connect with you! 


I am a forward-thinking Hairstylist that is obsessed with personal & professional development, a Manifesting Generator, Aquarius, and a natural born teacher! 

I’ve worn many hats in the industry from commission to rental Hairstylist, Salon & Spa Owner and loft owner. I’ve specialized in the make-up & bridal business, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, and Hair Color Specialist. At the same time, I was also the Hair Color Education Director for the US & Latin Americas for an international hair care company.

These experiences over the last 25+ years have given me a complete and unique understanding of the steps it takes to be successful in the beauty industry. I've walked in your shoes and I know first hand how to create success without the frustration of the hustle and grind.

I have always had a burning desire to support and empower Salon Owners and Hairstylists just like you, to define what success looks like and then walk by your side to manifest it!  

This industry can be an amazing journey when you have the proven strategic steps and the right people by your side! I’m excited you are here and to be Your Coach